Jan Hansen talks about Fitnesstrends



Fitness trends – are trend events relevant for everyone?

Sports scientist and CEO of CODE Sports, Jan Hansen in an interview.


Mr. Hansen, in recent years there have been some trends in fitness such as Freeletics, Crossfit, HIT training or EMS. What do you think about fitness trends in general?

Fitness trends have the advantage of motivating many people through their new release. Not every trend is suitable for everyone. Many types of training have been developed for competitive athletes, the recreational athletes is sometimes overwhelmed. Also a high intensity training is not suitable for beginners. On the other hand, the fitness industry tries to create trends that are easy to market. Unfortunately, there is not always the customer in the foreground.

Freeletics and Crossfit stand for functional training. What is the difference and is it suitable for everyone?

Exercises with your own body have been around for hundreds of years, nothing new … push-ups, sit-ups and jumping jacks are classics that everyone knows. It is new to wrap the whole thing in an app. At Crossfit, we’re dealing with a highly intense, injury-prone trend. Weightlifting exercises, peer pressure and time limits push one to his limit, the other beyond.

At the moment I often hear the motto “harder and faster = better”. Especially in the area of ​​group training, the participants want to be challenged. Does it make sense?

It sometimes seems like a self-mortification. “I punish myself for my sins, being lazy, eating too much unhealthy, alcohol, etc.” The other topic is self-awareness. Some only feel themselves when they go to extremes. What about classic mass sports, health training, hiking or cycling? Take the time and enjoy the exercise?

HIT training also comes into play, because the “afterburn time” is longer and you burn more calories, right?

In general, the rule, burn more calories than you take, or eat less than you consume to lose weight. Those who eat a balanced and healthy diet and exercise regularly need not burn any fat. Whether fat burning is best with one method or the other? If you enjoy HIIT training, you should do it. If you like long, slow runs or bike rides, this is the right thing for you. The best is supposedly always burned with the latest method fat, which sells just fine. So everyone is always running after the new diet, the new training method. Look around, how many are permanently successful? The question of effectiveness is usually the people who are either professional athletes, or the lazy, or stressed. So we should work on other approaches.

What is also very trendy are standardized fitness programs, which usually take 8-12 weeks and include training and nutrition plans. I know some who succeeded. What is your opinion?

Such a success can motivate. But what happens after the 8-12 weeks? Can I eat healthy without a plan? Train without a plan? Can I last that long? Or do I fall back into old patterns afterwards? The focus of such a program should be on learning and personal responsibility. Best in combination with coaching. Because if nothing changes, nothing changes …

So what should be considered concretely in order to train healthy and still achieve your own goals?

It should be fun. Do not be tormenting unless you like torture. Stay healthy and do a good job. Best still in nature and with friends. So that you can do that the rest of your life. Extreme ups and downs avoid the harm of health. The best method is the one that you can really do on a permanent basis.


Jan Hansen talks about Fitnesstrends